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Third generation in leather industry since 1930, after graduating in Marketing & Finance Maria & Khadija, two sisters in love with Moroccan crafts decided to launch an online platform in 2015, where artisans can sell their products, fascinated by this beautiful art, we made the tour of morocco looking for artisans to work with, most of them welcomed the idea even though digital and selling online was really hard to make it happen since most of artisans knew nothing about the term selling online, the need of working capital, same models and delivery time  not respected. So the idea didn't work as it was supposed to be.

Despite a lot of obstacles we faced, disloyal competition, copy our models by other competitor, We didn't give up, in collaboration with those same artisans we design new products, finance the production, improve the quality and gave new soul to traditional products, in parallel to this, we opened our workshop specialized in manufacturing of leather items in Ait Ourir, region of Marrakech.

The main idea of choosing Ait Ourir, is the integration of rural women to earn a decent life by working from their homes especially the pouf embroidery, the majority of whom cannot work outside.

Artisanat is not only our culture, it’s a part of our identity. Together, continue the challenge.

What does ethically made mean to us?

Our leather is vegetable tanned from the local tannery in Marrakech. A place that holds a historic value to this colorful and bustling city. Using ancient methods Practiced for several centuries, the leather tanners and local artisans, work together to produce high quality Moroccan products using only natural resources.

We are totally against child labor.


SINCE  1930  

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