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Artinoo TEDx Digital marketing on handcraft business

Artinoo TEDx Digital marketing on handcraft business

I am Maria co-founder of Artinoo, a Moroccan company specialized in the creation and production of HANDMADE goods, let me first tell you the story of Artinoo.

In 2015, we decided my sister and I to create an online platform where Moroccan artisans can sell their products ,fascinated by this beautiful art, we made the tour of morocco looking for artisans to work with, most of them welcomed the idea even though digital and selling online was really hard to make it happen since most of artisans have limited knowledge of the online business, some developed models and delivery time not respected. So the idea didn't work as it was supposed to be.

We have not given up, so in collaboration with these same craftsmen we design new products and finance the production then sell it online, in parallel, we opened our first store in Marrakesh while keeping in mind that our main activity is online sales. The local leather industry lacks structure, at Artinoo, we have faced a lot of problems and obstacles, be a women in a man's world, logistics, unfair competition that sometimes we wanted to give up but the commitment that we did for these modest craftsmen and our obligation to protect our heritage and our identity pushes us to continue the challenge.

We would like to share our experience via TEDx for young people who have lived through difficult times in their lives, to give hope to women in difficult situations, make a goal and not let anyone discourage you, believe in your skills.


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